Your Clients Privacy In A Ever Growing Digital World

At Fides Legals, we keep ahead of technical developments and are cautious when it comes to security. After becoming more evident that authorities and tech companies cannot be trusted, we created the first truly encrypted system to deal with sworn translations.

If you are dealing with seriously delicate information, do you really want your documents to be transmitted and shared using non-encrypted digital systems?

Dedicated Server

Many companies use cheap, shared hosting with many website owners using one server. When it comes to hosting a secured website, a dedicated server, not only stops, noisy neighbors who host thousand of pages that slow down others websites, but eliminates security breaches. We use a state-of-the-art, dedicated server, with an up-to-date security package.

Dedicated Server
Encrypted email server

Encrypted Email

We use the number one encrypted e-mail service with servers in Switzerland. Because of the high importance, this country places on privacy By clicking on this text you can learn more about the e-mail provider we use and their advanced VPN service.

Encrypted Document Sharing

Translators and translation agencies typically use Google drive, docs and g-mail; we do not use these services to exchange confidential translation work. The respective Google terms of service prevent us from using these services in relation to confidential documentation.

Google docs & google drive image

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