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We only use the services of independent, sworn translators from our 30-year-old network, who have studied linguistics and have a current and up-to-date Wtv registration. Here is our in-house team

drs. Nicole van Gerven

drs. Nicole van Gerven

Owner / Linguist / Lawyer / Literature

Nicole is the proud owner of Fides Legals. Originating from the south, she has also lost her heart to the capital, where she obtained her Master’s degree in linguistics at the UvA. She is also a certified translator. Nicole loves literature from all over the world and her Labrador. In between activities, she also enjoys trekking and travelling. With her passion and experience in translation work, Nicole takes great care of every assignment.

Helena Makhmutova

Helena Makhmutova

Expert in publishing / Distribution manager

Helena is an expert on book publishing. She hails from Russia. Helena loves books, enjoys sailing, hiking in the mountains and going to the theatre. In addition, cooking is also one of her great passions. With her enthusiasm, charm and professionalism, Helena is a valuable asset.

Maureen Dwyer

Maureen Dwyer

Linguist / Proofreader

Maureen, an Irish linguist and proofreader, is a professional writer with an engaging writing style. With her passion for books, Irish dance, travel, theatre and justice, she manages to strike a warm and inviting tone in her work. Maureen is also an avid photographer and a wizard with book covers. With a bachelor’s degree in English literature, Maureen has the necessary qualifications to let her writing skills speak for themselves.

Karin Been

Karin Been

Administration / Literature

Karin is an office manager with years of experience in document and publication processing. Besides her administrative management duties, she has a great love for English literature, health and fitness. She also has an MBA degree in modern business administration, giving her the skills that help her in her current work. With her enthusiasm and dedication, Karin is the perfect addition to our team, a driven and reliable professional.

John Dwyer

John Dwyer

IT / Security / Literature / Lawyer

John has had a colourful career in business and came to help relaunch Fides Legals in 2020. Now that he is officially retired, he still advises on various business aspects. He loves golf and is a great lover of literature.



Office manager / Collector of bones

Nora has been the office manager on her own for 10 years now; hopefully she will be running around looking for treats for another 10 years, who knows. She is an avid Facebook user and even has her own page, which is pretty clever for a dog, right?

“We are very satisfied with the communication with Fides and the speed with which they pick up our translation requests each time. The quality is good; that’s why we enjoy coming back to them.”

Stijn Stevens


Our translation services

“Welcome to Fides Legals, where precision and professionalism meet in legal translation services. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we specialise in providing unrivalled linguistic expertise in both the civil and criminal sectors.

Before putting pen to paper, we invest the time to fully understand the unique details of your subject and the parties involved, so that each translated document comes across accurately and clearly. And because we understand the value of trust and timeliness, you can count on us to deliver on our promises exactly on time.

Get a personalised quote today and experience the difference Fides Legals makes.”



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Our mission

To provide superior quality translations and support services for the legal industry that: legal professionals select for their clients, that facilitate offices and employees, and that will provide clients with quality service

About Us

Fides Legals: Your Partner in Legal Translations and Services

Fides Legals grew out of a partnership between some recent law and linguistics graduates in 1992. With a passion for legal translation, they founded Anglo Dutch Legal Translations. Over the years, this service grew into a reputable company offering high-quality translation services, both in the legal and private sectors. From this, juridischvertalers.nl (legaltranslators) was eventually formed.

Nowadays, many years later, we have reliable sworn legal translators in Dutch and English with in-depth knowledge and experience in the legal field. Our services have since expanded to providing legal documentation and online security, data protection, corporate law and intellectual property rights.

At Fides Legals, we strive to provide a quality service to legal practices as well as other business sectors and individuals. Our goal is simple: to make sure you achieve your goal. Whether delivering legal quality to your clients or maintaining satisfaction with your own business relationships, we are here for you.

With Fides Legals as your partner, you can count on accurate and reliable legal translations, as well as a wide range of additional services. Our team of experts is always ready to support, advise and guide you through all your legal needs.

Contact us today and find out how Fides Legals can improve and simplify your legal process. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals.


About us Working method

We treat every document with care and scrutinise the content first before starting a translation, once done, the document is sent to the appropriate legal translator for translation, For example, a translator who specialises in medical documents and contracts may not be the right choice for corporate structures or criminal case law.


Your document is proofread twice, by two separate sets of eyes from proofreaders with separate backgrounds, This way, we’ve found that in the long run, although some may call this process nerdy, it is rare that we receive documents returned for corrections.

However, it is not rare that we receive documents from other well-known and large translation bureaus and websites needing correction.

Our Methodology

Every translation deriving from us has been through a carefully orchestrated process that has matured through experience over the years.

A document, no matter how mundane to its user, is to us as an individual piece of history, someone has spent a part of their life creating it, the document tells a story and has a purpose, whatever the message, this must be conveyed to the new user in their language, in tune with their culture.

From Dutch to English or vice versa, nuance, tone and complex legal terminology must spring from the text with ease and not be an obviously translated document.


Our Translators

We work exclusively with our database of certified translators who between them cover a vast amount of knowledge in specialist subjects. Exclusively, In and out of the Dutch and English languages. Specialising in legal translation work.

Thanks to these specialised sworn translators, we can scrutinise every document with a translator who is equally enthusiastic when it comes to work ethic and the need to deliver excellent work time after time.


Our Translators

You can be assured that your documents are treated with respect, discretion and that someone with a university degree in linguistics is taking care that your document will not only be understood by the receiver but will also if need be, stand up in a court of law, no mistakes in legal jargon.

Data Protection

Data Protection

Your data is important to us, we do not share it outside our encrypted digital loop.

From the email system we use to the closed technology we use to share documents between coworkers, we have removed any possibility of a data breach.

As we deal with the most delicately sensitive material on a daily basis including government ministries, our encrypted network is a must.

It is well documented in recent years that open source systems that may be attractive to use as they are free, are however far from safe,

This is why we have adopted these encrypted systems.

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