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Whether you are a lover of mystery and suspense, a connoisseur of romance and passion, or a seeker of intellectual enlightenment, Fides Legals Publishing has something extraordinary for you. Our collection covers different genres and eras, catering to the diverse tastes of book lovers from all walks of life.

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TITLE: Feminity & Eroticism AUTHOR: Anne Charlotte Leffler Feminity & Eroticism
Step into the captivating world of "Feminity & Eroticism" by Anne Charlotte Leffler, an enthralling literary exploration of love, desire,...
ePub Category Eroticism, Historical women's fiction, Romance Anne Charlotte Leffler Edition First Published On 
€ 4.99
Book cover for Niccolò Machiavelli's Florentine Histories Florentine Histories
Florentine Histories' is a comprehensive account of the history of Florence, Italy, penned by renowned political philosopher and historian Niccolò...
ePub Category History, Italy, Travel Literature Niccolò Machiavelli Edition 1 Published On 
€ 4.99
Friedrich von Schiller’s Biography Friedrich von Schiller’s Biography
Synopsis of 'Friedrich von Schiller’s Biography Friedrich von Schiller’s Biography' by Dr. Heinrich Döring is an illuminating journey into the...
ePub Category Biographical Dr. Heinrich Döring Edition 1 Published On 
€ 4.99
From Renaissance to World War
From Renaissance to World War by P.J. Bouman Pain. Agitation. Solution. These driving forces shaped European cultural history for four...
ePub Category History, War P.J.Bouman Published On 
€ 4.99
Fyodor Dostoevsky Biography Fyodor. M. Dostoevsky: A Biographical...
"Fyodor. M. Dostoevsky: A Biographical Study" by Nina Hoffmann is a comprehensive exploration of the life and works of the...
ePub Category Biographical Nina Hoffmann Published On 
€ 4.99
The cover image for legal lions the book Legal Lions
Legal Lions: Charlotte's Quest for the Courtroom A beautiful tale of ambition, fortitude, and dedication, "Legal Lions: Charlotte's Quest for...
ePub Category Growing up & the facts of life, Kids Books J. Dwyer Published On 
€ 2.99
Master Olof's Wedding: A Chronicle of Love and Tradition Master Olof’s Wedding: Romance
A Chronicle of Love and Tradition in Early 16th Century Journey into the Heart of Historical Romance Written in the...
ePub Category History, Romance C. Georg Starbäck Edition First Published On 
€ 4.99
Cover image for the book "Money" Money
Are you searching for an immersive and thought-provoking novel that explores the complexities of love, power, and wealth? Look no...
ePub Category 19th century fiction, Romance Victoria Benedictsson Edition 1 Published On 
€ 4.99

Welcome to Fides Legals, a fine and experienced publisher committed to enriching the world of literature by making timeless works accessible to a wider audience. Established in 1992, our team of expert linguists and passionate literature enthusiasts work diligently to translate and publish an extensive range of public domain books, ensuring the preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage across linguistic boundaries.

At Fides Legals, we recognize the value of classic literature in shaping the minds of readers worldwide. Therefore, we take great pride in offering carefully curated and professionally translated editions of public domain works. Our diverse catalog spans various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and philosophical texts, catering to a wide range of literary tastes.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality translations that preserve the essence and artistic integrity of the original works, while ensuring that contemporary readers can enjoy them. Through our rigorous translation process, we strive to adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and readability, making these literary gems more accessible than ever before.

In accordance with international and Dutch copyright laws, Fides Legals holds the necessary rights to publish and distribute our translated works under our publishing name. We are fully committed to adhering to legal and ethical standards, as we continue to enrich the literary landscape with our unique contributions.

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What is Public Domain?

The concept of public domain refers to the vast collection of creative works that are no longer protected by copyright law or have been deliberately released by their creators without copyright restrictions. These works are freely available for anyone to use, adapt, and distribute without requiring permission from the original creator. Public domain plays a crucial role in promoting creativity, cultural exchange, and the democratization of knowledge, as it allows for the unrestricted sharing of ideas and artistic expressions.

Works enter the public domain under various circumstances:

Secure document image
  • Expiration of copyright protection: The most common way works enter the public domain is when the term of copyright protection expires. The duration of copyright protection varies depending on the jurisdiction, the type of work, and the specific copyright law in effect. In general, copyright protection lasts for the life of the author plus a certain number of years (usually 50 or 70 years) after their death.
  • Non-renewal of copyright: In some countries, copyright protection must be renewed periodically. Failure to renew the copyright within the required time frame can result in the work entering the public domain.
  • Ineligible for copyright: Certain types of works, such as facts, ideas, and government-produced works in some jurisdictions, may not be eligible for copyright protection and are automatically considered part of the public domain.
  • Dedication to the public domain: In some cases, creators can intentionally release their works into the public domain by waiving their copyright through mechanisms such as Creative Commons’ Public Domain Dedication (CC0).


  • Public domain refers to creative works that are not protected by copyright laws or have been released without copyright restrictions.
  • Works in the public domain can be freely used, adapted, and distributed without permission from the original creator.
  • Works enter the public domain through the expiration of copyright protection, non-renewal of copyright, ineligibility for copyright, or dedication to the public domain by the creator.
  • The public domain promotes creativity, cultural exchange, and the democratization of knowledge by allowing unrestricted sharing of ideas and artistic expressions.

Copyright Laws and Public Domain Translations

Publishing houses that specialize in translated works must adhere to copyright laws and respect the intellectual property rights of original creators. Translations of public domain works, however, are not subject to the same restrictions as copyrighted material, since the original works are no longer protected. In this context, the Berne Convention and Dutch Copyright Law (Auteurswet) are the key legal frameworks to consider.

Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

  • The Netherlands is a member of the Berne Convention, which establishes international copyright principles. Article 2(3) of the convention states that translations are considered original works, provided they do not infringe on the copyright of the original work.
  • As public domain works are not protected by copyright, their translations can be considered original creations and can be legally published and distributed by a publishing house.
  • Berne Convention text:
Fides Legals Publishing

Dutch Copyright Law (Auteurswet)

  • The Dutch Copyright Law, or Auteurswet, governs copyright protection in the Netherlands. Under Article 13, the translator holds the exclusive right to authorize or prohibit adaptations, including translations, of an original work. However, this protection only applies as long as the original work is still under copyright.
  • When a work enters the public domain, anyone can create a translation without needing permission from the original copyright holder. The translator then holds the copyright to their translation as a derivative work. This right is in line with Article 10 of the Dutch Copyright Law, which protects new, original works derived from public domain works.
  • Dutch Copyright Law (Auteurswet)

By translating public domain works, a publishing house specializing in translated works, like Fides Legals, produces derivative works that are protected by copyright under both the Berne Convention and Dutch Copyright Law. This protection grants the publishing house the exclusive right to publish, distribute, and sell the translated work under its name. The original work, being in the public domain, is no longer subject to copyright restrictions, allowing the publishing house to legally create and profit from the translation.

Our Legal Rights

As a publishing house specializing in translated works, Fides Legals has the legal right to publish and distribute translations of public domain works under its own name. This right is supported by both international and Dutch copyright laws, which acknowledge the creation of translations as original works when the source material is in the public domain.

International Framework – Berne Convention

Under the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, translations are considered original works provided they do not infringe on the copyright of the original work (Article 2(3)). Since public domain works are no longer protected by copyright, Fides Legals’ translations can be considered original creations, granting the publishing house the right to publish, distribute, and sell them under its name.

Dutch Copyright Law (Auteurswet)

In accordance with the Dutch Copyright Law (Auteurswet), the translator holds the copyright to their translation as a derivative work when the original work is in the public domain. This right is outlined in Article 10, which protects new, original works derived from public domain works. Consequently, Fides Legals, as the copyright holder of the translated works, has the exclusive right to publish, distribute, and sell these translations under its own publishing house name.

In Summary

Fides Legals’ legal right to publish translated public domain works under its own name is firmly established under the Berne Convention and the Dutch Copyright Law (Auteurswet). These legal frameworks recognize the translations as original works and grant Fides Legals the exclusive rights to publish, distribute, and sell the translations. By abiding by these laws and ensuring that the original works are in the public domain, Fides Legals operates within the legal framework while expanding its portfolio of translated works.

Amazon KDP Compliance

Fides Legals strictly adheres to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) guidelines for publishing public domain translations to ensure that its publications meet the platform’s requirements and respect intellectual property rights.

Bona Fides: Chamber of Commerce Documentation. Fides Legals is part of a series of translation and legal advice activities stipulated and registered under the following Chamber of Commerce number in The Netherlands. Number 34346065. An original chamber of commerce document can be provided on request.

Can be downloaded here.

Compliance with Amazon KDP Guidelines

Fides Legals takes the following steps to comply with Amazon KDP guidelines:

  1. Verify Public Domain Status: Fides Legals thoroughly researches and confirms that the original works being translated are indeed in the public domain, which means they are no longer protected by copyright and can be freely used and translated.

  2. Create a Unique Translation: Fides Legals produces original and unique translations of public domain works, ensuring that they are substantially different from any existing translations on the market. This distinguishes the translations from other versions and adds value to the published content.

  3. Add Original Content: Fides Legals includes additional original content, such as forewords, annotations, or illustrations, to enhance the reader’s experience and further differentiate its translations from other versions available.

Amazon KDP Statement for Public Domain Books

To comply with Amazon KDP’s requirements for publishing public domain books, Fides Legals includes a clear and visible statement in its publications, indicating that the work is a translation of a public domain title. This statement typically appears on the copyright page, along with the translator’s name and the publishing house’s name. An example of such a statement is:

“This book is a translation of a work in the public domain. The translation is an original work by [Naam van de vertaler]and is published by Fides Legals Publishing.”

By adhering to Amazon KDP guidelines and incorporating the required statement for public domain books, Fides Legals ensures that its translated works are published in compliance with the platform’s policies, protecting both the publishing house and the original authors’ rights.

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