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Why Fides Legals?
  • Translation work by driven professionals
  • Quality assured
  • We use appropriate terminology with appropriate style.
  • Our sworn translations can be used for agencies and organisations worldwide.
        I need a sworn translation, what should I do?
        1. Upload the document you want to be translated via the price page.
        2. Your document will be processed immediately and you will receive a quote.
        3. Once you’ve let us know that you would like to proceed with us, we’ll start working on the translation.
        4. The translation will be certified, and you’ll receive a scanned version via email. We’ll then send you the original by post.
        How does the quote form work?
        1. After we’ve reviewed your document, you’ll receive our quote with a payment link by e-mail.
        2. By paying, you agree to our quote and activate the translation process by our professionals.
        3. Nothing will happen if you don’t pay, and your document will be destroyed after the waiting period mentioned in the e-mail expires.
        4. By paying us through our payment system, we save administration costs and can keep our prices reasonable. If you prefer invoicing, please do let us know and we will of course honour your request at no extra cost.

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