The qualifications of a sworn translator

When it comes to legal documents,

Accuracy is key. That is why it is essential to work with a sworn or as some would say, a certified translator – a professional translator authorised by a government or legal institution to certify the accuracy of their translations.
These experts play a crucial role in the legal process by translating important documents such as contracts, legal correspondence, court transcripts and more.

But what qualifications should you look for in a sworn translator?

In general, a sworn translator should have a good command of both the source and target languages and a thorough knowledge of legal terminology and concepts. In many cases, they have passed an exam that tests their knowledge of legal terminology, translation techniques and cultural competence. Moreover, many sworn translators have degrees in translation, law or a related field.

But why is it so important to hire a sworn translator for legal documents?

Simply put, incorrect translations can have serious legal and financial consequences – from contract disputes and lawsuits to criminal charges. A sworn translator guarantees that your translation is accurate, and their affidavit serves as proof of this accuracy. This can be presented in court as proof of the translation’s validity.

Sworn translators are also crucial when it comes to official documents, such as immigration and naturalisation documents, diplomas and certificates and other government-issued documents. These documents require a high degree of accuracy and legal validity, and a sworn translator can provide this.

When it comes to legal documents, don’t take any chances. Choose a sworn translator with the qualifications, experience and reputation to deliver accurate translations that meet your country’s legal requirements. Don’t let inaccurate translations compromise your legal status. Rely on a sworn translator to ensure that your legal documents are translated accurately.


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