The Great War, Volume III


From America’s intervention until the collapse

The Great War, Volume III.

Step into the corridors of power and the hidden rooms of diplomacy with Karl Helfferich's

The third volume of "The Great War" delves into the crucial period marked by America's entry into the conflict, leading up to the eventual collapse of the Central Powers.

It meticulously outlines military, political, and economic events, capturing the essence of a world in turmoil.
The volume begins with the Dardanelles Battles and the Winter Battle in the Carpathians, moving through key events like the submarine blockade against England and the firing at Belfort.

It also covers the political landscape, including international conferences and changes in foreign affairs ministries.
In the third instalment of this gripping series, delve into the intricate web of political manoeuvres and clandestine operations that marked the final stages of World War I. As America enters the fray, the Central Powers find themselves on the brink, not just militarily but also politically.

Key Points:

  • America's Role: Understand the impact of America's entry into the war and how it shifted the balance of power.
  • Political Intrigue: Witness the behind-the-scenes political manoeuvring, notably the actions of Herr Erzberger, that had far-reaching consequences.
  • Shift in Entente's Stance: Explore how Erzberger's actions led to a change in the Entente powers' willingness to negotiate, pushing them towards seeking full victory.
  • Failed Peace Attempts: Learn about the unsuccessful peace initiatives, including those involving the Vatican and neutral Spain, and how they were influenced by internal and external politics.
  • The Erzberger Dilemma: Witness how Matthias Erzberger, a German politician, inadvertently sabotages peace talks, fueling the Entente's resolve to fight to the end.

Secret Reports and Backdoor Politics: Explore the confidential communications between Count Czernin, Herr Erzberger, and Emperor Charles, which had far-reaching implications on the war and peace negotiations.

The Vatican's Role: Discover how the Vatican attempted to mediate peace through its apostolic nuncio, Pacelli, and how these efforts were thwarted by changing political climates.

The Entente's Strategy: Understand how the Entente powers, particularly Britain and France, capitalised on the internal discord within the Central Powers to push for total victory.

The Collapse: Experience the final moments leading to the collapse of the Central Powers, shaped by a complex interplay of political decisions, secret reports, and failed peace initiatives.

This volume uncovers the political intricacies and moral dilemmas that plagued both sides, ultimately leading to the collapse of the Central Powers and setting the stage for the world that emerged from the ashes of the Great War.


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