The Great War Box Set


The Great War Volumes I, II and III

Never before published in the English language, its like discovering a complete new perspective of the First World war, the players involved and the political intrigued that played out through the halls of power in Germany.

Written by Karl Helfferich, Vice Chancellor to The German Empire and the financial brain behind the War. These are three separate eBooks, not 3 merged into one that you will not find elsewhere.

The Great War, all volumes Box Set

All three Volumes of this intriguing series, it's like discovering new work that has never been revealed, as these books were never translated before into English!
1: The Great War, Volume I, This volume, the first in a riveting series, offers an unparalleled look into the prelude to World War I from a German perspective. But this is not just a history lesson; it’s a mirror reflecting our world today.

From the machinations of organisations that fool citizens into war, Helfferich’s narrative resonates eerily with the geopolitical landscape of the 21st century.

2: The Great War, Volume II” takes readers on a journey into the halls of power and the secret chambers of diplomacy.
This captivating book provides a unique viewpoint on German submarine tactics and warfare in World War I. It is the second instalment in a thrilling trilogy

3: The Great War” Volume III, explores the crucial period marked by America’s entry into the conflict, leading up to the eventual collapse of the Central Powers.

It meticulously outlines military, political, and economic events, capturing the essence of a world in turmoil.
The volume begins with the Dardanelles Battles and the Winter Battle in the Carpathian's, moving through key events like the submarine blockade against England and the firing at Belfort.


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