Strolls through Italy, Vol 3


Ferdinand Gregorovius continues his enchanting journey through Italy, taking readers to the captivating landscapes of the South. This volume teems with vivid portrayals of regional history, traditions, and culinary delights, all presented through a thoughtful narrative enriched by personal anecdotes. First Translation by Mario Corsi, this account offers readers a unique cultural and historical perspective, making it an invaluable companion for both travellers and aficionados of Italian culture.

Strolls through Italy, Vol 3

The third volume of Ferdinand Gregorovius' renowned travel story, 'Strolls through Italy,' invites readers to journey through Southern Italy's beautiful landscapes, historical cities, and lively cultures. Gregorovius beautifully depicts the compelling aura of the country's lesser-known places, drawing on his own experiences and intimate encounters.

This book probes into the various flavors of southern Italy, describing the author's travels to Naples, Sicily, and Sardinia. Gregorovius captures the essence of these regions, focusing on their history, architecture, traditions, and regional cuisines. Each chapter is jam-packed with colorful anecdotes and observations, making it not only an outstanding travel guide but also an intriguing read for history and culture fans.

Notably, Gregorovius' lyrical narrative voice, masterfully captured by Mario Corsi's original translation and further preserved in Fides Legals' English edition, adds an extra element of pleasure to this exploratory adventure. The book serves as a reminder of the indelible link between people and place, providing readers with a unique viewpoint on Italy at the turn of the twentieth century as experienced by a perceptive observer.

Key Features:

  • A detailed exploration of the Southern regions of Italy, including Naples, Sicily, and Sardinia.
  • Insightful commentary on local history, architecture, traditions, and cuisines.
  • Engaging anecdotes and personal encounters that bring the culture and people of Italy to life.
  • An eloquent narrative voice, preserved through Fides Legals meticulous translation.
  • Ideal for travelers, history enthusiasts, and fans of Italian culture.


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