Strolls Through Italy Box Set

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  • Unearth Sicily, an island steeped in Greek mythology, Arab-Norman architecture, and home to some of the best cannoli in existence.
  • Roam through olive groves, navigate labyrinthine markets in Palermo, and take part in the island’s vibrant festivals.
  • Enjoy tales of elusive Mafia bosses, passionate fishermen, and temperamental volcano, Mt. Etna, in an account as flavorful as a hearty Caponata.

This box set is a delightful medley of culture, history, humor, and charm – Ferdinand Gregorovius’s “Strolls through Italy” is not merely a set of books; it’s an Italian sojourn you’ll want to embark on again and again. Ciao, let the journey begin!

Strolls through Italy:

A Ferdinand Gregorovius Masterpiece Collection, Volumes 1-5 Box Set

Embrace the scenic wonders and rich cultural tapestry of Italy through the captivating prose of acclaimed author Ferdinand Gregorovius in this exclusive 5-volume collection, "Strolls through Italy". This box set is a passport to the passion, artistry, and labyrinthine history of one of the world's most fascinating countries, all from the comfort of your armchair.

Volume 1: Venice - The Serenissima

  • Dive into the floating city, where palaces seem to rise from the water and every canal corner unfolds a unique story.
  • Experience the pageantry of the Carnevale and the tranquil lull of a gondola ride under the Bridge of Sighs.
  • Encounter the city’s iconic characters - from roguish gondoliers to Casanova himself - in a narrative that's as intricately woven as Venetian lace.

Volume 2: Florence - The Cradle of the Renaissance

  • Revel in the grandeur of Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, the city of Dante, Michelangelo, and the Medici.
  • From the gilded halls of the Uffizi to the rustic charm of Tuscan vineyards, each page paints a vivid picture of Florentine life.
  • Share chuckles with local artisans, sample the perfect espresso, and uncover the secrets of Botticelli's paintings in a tale that's as intoxicating as a glass of Chianti Classico.

Volume 3: Rome - The Eternal City

  • Step into Rome, a city where ancient history and vibrant modern life intersect in a stunning collage of experiences.
  • Marvel at the Sistine Chapel, hear the whispers of gladiators in the Colosseum, and join in the lively debate at a local trattoria.
  • Gregorovius expertly interlaces the city's grand narrative with hilarious tales of mischievous pickpockets and overzealous gelato vendors.

Volume 4: Naples - The City of Sun and Shadows

  • Discover Naples, a city where the sublime meets the gritty, famous for its bustling markets, hidden catacombs, and the best pizza you'll ever read about.
  • Scale Mount Vesuvius, explore the haunting ruins of Pompeii, and enjoy a moonlit serenade on the shores of the Amalfi Coast.
  • With a wink and a nod, Gregorovius introduces you to the real Napoli – vibrant, chaotic, and bursting with life.

Volume 5: Sicily - The Jewel of the Mediterranean


1 review for Strolls Through Italy Box Set

  1. Thomas McArthur (verified owner)

    Having looked up Ferdinand Gregorovius and being a lover of everything Italian, I was intrigued to read a Travelogue from so long ago, I have only read a few pages of the first chapter of volume 1:


    I will say that the style is glorious to read, it’s as if one is wrapped in a warm blanket with a cup o’ tea and slippers on.

    I also find that the quality of the ebook, the cover image, and the attention to detail as far as the translation is concerned is top-notch. Including an about the author section is appreciated.

    So many ebooks are thrown together, So here’s your first review, thanks for the deal you offered on LinkedIn, without that I would probably never have come across this author.

    I have an account with you now and look forward to new works, I will read this series and come back for more, what an interesting and enjoyable concept you have.

    Regards. Thomas

    • Nicole

      Hi there Thomas,

      Thank you so much for your review; indeed, this is our first since we started on our book publishing project. As a thank you, we’ve sent a coupon to your email address. Use that code to get another title from us for free.

      Kind Regards from us all at Fides Legals.

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