Palette of Observations


In “Palette of Observations,” we find a resounding echo of Abba’s classic “Cose Vedute,” imbued with new life and relevance. The book serves as a window into a bygone era, meticulously painted with insightful observations and the evocative retelling of human experience. This thoughtful adaptation does more than simply convey Abba’s original text; it captures his essence, celebrates his wisdom, and continues his exploration of perception in a rapidly evolving world. Readers will find in this book a fresh perspective and an invitation to ponder the extraordinary beauty within the ordinary. “Palette of Observations” is more than a simple translation – it is a vibrant homage to a master observer of human life.

Palette of Observations: A Vivid Journey through Time

"Palette of Observations," a scholarly adaptation and translation of Giuseppe Cesare Abba's "Cose Vedute," takes readers on a journey of observation and experience. The book explores the intriguing world as seen through Abba's perceptive eyes, providing a distinct, almost artistic take on life's ever-changing scene.

The book is a brilliant collection of vignettes set against the backdrop of a quickly shifting 19th-century Italy, each a nuanced image of a specific point in time. Abba expertly depicts the extraordinary within the everyday, from intimate stories of regular people to significant storylines of national upheaval. His keen sensitivity to life's ebbs and flows helps readers see the heart and soul of a bygone era.

This newly revised and translated edition reimagines Abba's classic in a way that keeps its core character while making it accessible and captivating to modern readers. This is a complete reimagining that is as smart and refreshing as it is loyal to the original.

  • Re-envisioning of Giuseppe Cesare Abba's classic, "Cose Vedute," now aptly titled "Palette of Observations."
  • Offers a compelling and accessible English translation infused with a poetic sensibility.
  • Invites readers into a vivid panorama of 19th-century Italian life.
  • Explores themes of time, perception, and human experience in a nuanced and insightful manner.
  • Conveys the extraordinary within the ordinary through carefully observed and masterfully told vignettes.
  • Demonstrates the translator's sensitivity to the subtleties of Abba's original language and context.
  • Serves as both a tribute to Abba's timeless mastery and a bold new work in its own right.


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