Oxygen and Aromasia


“Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of ‘Oxygen & Aromasia,’ an extraordinary journey crafted by the brilliant Claës Lundin. Step into a transformed future Stockholm, where science and innovation meet the visceral power of scent. Explore this futuristic world through the eyes of Oxygen and Aromasia, as they embark on unique missions to uplift society’s health, well-being, and mood. This engaging tale, rich in symbolism, wit, and social commentary, transcends the ordinary, elevating Swedish science fiction to new heights. Prepare for an unforgettable journey where elements come to life and change the world one breath at a time.”

"Oxygen & Aromasia"

Is an innovative and forward-looking science fiction novel published in 1878. The plot revolves around the characters of Oxygen and Aromasia, personifications of two essential elements. Oxygen is a scientist and a personification of life and health, while Aromasia symbolizes the sense of smell and the world of scents. The book takes place in a future Stockholm, where technology and social reforms have transformed society.

The narrative begins

With Oxygen's quest to find a way to make people healthier and happier through scientific advancements. Meanwhile, Aromasia seeks to enhance the world by spreading wonderful fragrances and combating foul odors, thereby uplifting people's mood and general wellbeing. Their journeys intersect when Oxygen discovers that one of the key elements for a healthier society is the creation of pleasant smells, leading him to collaborate with Aromasia.

Key themes of the book include the role of science and technology in societal development, the importance of physical health and mental wellbeing, the connection between the olfactory senses and emotions, and the potential impact of social reforms.


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