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Introducing a gem in the literary world: Fides Legals Publisher

Maastricht, 12 August 2023-Fides Legals Publishing, a renowned name in the field of legal translation, is proud to announce that it is entering a field of unprecedented brilliance. Specialising in the translation of ancient works and literature, this innovative publishing house is poised to revolutionise the way readers perceive the timeless classics of yesteryear. With a dedication to preserving the essence of these literary treasures while presenting them in a refreshing and contemporary light, Fides Legals Publishing is all set to capture the hearts of book lovers worldwide.

With a deep-seated passion for literature, Fides Legals Publishing is embarking on a mission to break down the barriers of language and time and bring forward the rich tapestry of stories, poems and sagas that have shaped the literary landscape over the centuries. By meticulously translating ancient works into modern languages, Fides Legals Publishing seeks to bridge the gap between generations and breathe new life into forgotten masterpieces.

As part of their pioneering efforts, Fides Legals Publishing is pleased to announce the release of their latest publications. These newly published books represent a fusion of literary excellence and contemporary craftsmanship, offering readers the chance to immerse themselves in the beauty and wisdom of our collective literary heritage. Each book has undergone a complex translation process, carried out with extreme care by a team of experienced linguists and literary scholars.Fides Legals Publishing

“Fides Legals Publishing is excited to embark on this journey to revive the works of the past. We believe that literature serves as a timeless bridge connecting cultures, eras and perspectives. With our commitment to excellence and a deep appreciation for the written word, we want to introduce readers to captivating stories that transcend time.”
drs. Nicole van Gerven (lawyer, linguist and sworn legal translator)

“As an author whose work has been translated and published by Fides Legals Publishing, I am truly grateful for their commitment to preserving the essence of literary classics. It is a pleasure to see my own stories being reshaped and captivating readers from different corners of the world.”

Fides Legals Publishing’s dedication to exceptional literary translations has already attracted the attention and appreciation of well-known authors, critics and readers. Their unique approach, a blend of tradition and innovation, has set them apart in the competitive publishing world.

Fides Legals Publishing nodigt lezers, schrijvers en literatuurliefhebbers uit om een reis door tijd en cultuur te maken door in de pagina’s van hun nieuwe boeken te duiken. With each turn of the page, readers will experience the magic of ancient works reborn, enjoying the beauty and timeless wisdom they possess.
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About Fides Legals Publishing:

Fides Legals Publishing is a visionary publishing house dedicated to the translation and publication of ancient works and literature. Their dedication to preserving the essence of literary classics while presenting them in a contemporary light has set them apart in the publishing world. With a team of experienced linguists and literary scholars, Fides Legals Publishing strives to bridge the gap between generations and cultures, making the timeless beauty and wisdom of literary treasures accessible to readers around the world.

We hope you enjoy what you find on our site after reading our press release, as we will be adding new titles every week and more and more as interest demands it



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