TITLE: Feminity & Eroticism AUTHOR: Anne Charlotte Leffler Feminity & Eroticism
Step into the captivating world of "Feminity & Eroticism" by Anne Charlotte Leffler, an enthralling literary exploration of love, desire,...
ePub Category Eroticism, Historical women's fiction, Romance Anne Charlotte Leffler Edition First Published On 
€ 4.99
Book cover for Niccolò Machiavelli's Florentine Histories Florentine Histories
Florentine Histories' is a comprehensive account of the history of Florence, Italy, penned by renowned political philosopher and historian Niccolò...
ePub Category History, Italy, Travel Literature Niccolò Machiavelli Edition 1 Published On 
€ 4.99
From Renaissance to World War
From Renaissance to World War by P.J. Bouman Pain. Agitation. Solution. These driving forces shaped European cultural history for four...
ePub Category History, War P.J.Bouman Published On 
€ 4.99
Master Olof's Wedding: A Chronicle of Love and Tradition Master Olof’s Wedding: Romance
A Chronicle of Love and Tradition in Early 16th Century Journey into the Heart of Historical Romance Written in the...
ePub Category History, Romance C. Georg Starbäck Edition First Published On 
€ 4.99
"Palette of Observations," we find a resounding echo of Abba's classic "Cose Vedute Palette of Observations
Palette of Observations: A Vivid Journey through Time Palette of Observations," a scholarly adaptation and translation of Giuseppe Cesare Abba's...
ePub Category Historical fiction, Metaphysical & visionary Giuseppe Cesare Abba Edition 1 Published On 
€ 4.99
sigrid liljeholm
Dive into the world of "Sigrid Liljeholm," a tale of love, rebellion, and a woman's relentless quest for freedom. Step...
ePub Category Historical women's fiction, Romance Frederika Charlotta Tengström Runeberg Published On 
€ 4.99
image of author Ferdinand Gregorovius for his book Strolls through Italy, vol. 1 Strolls through Italy, Vol. 1
In “Strolls through Italy, Vol. 1,” renowned travel writer Ferdinand Gregorovius invites readers on a mesmerizing journey through the heart...
ePub Category History, Italy, Travel Literature, Travel memoirs Ferdinand Gregorovius Edition 1 Published On 
€ 4.99
The Author Ferdinand Gregorovius strolling through an Italian town Strolls through Italy, vol. 2
"Strolls through Italy, Vol. 2" Continues Ferdinand Gregorovius' pleasant and evocative voyage around Italy, capturing the essence and fascination of...
ePub Category History, Italy, Travel Literature, Travel memoirs Ferdinand Gregorovius Published On 
€ 4.99