TITLE: Feminity & Eroticism AUTHOR: Anne Charlotte Leffler Feminity & Eroticism
Step into the captivating world of "Feminity & Eroticism" by Anne Charlotte Leffler, an enthralling literary exploration of love, desire,...
ePub Category Eroticism, Historical women's fiction, Romance Anne Charlotte Leffler Edition First Published On 
€ 4.99
sigrid liljeholm
Dive into the world of "Sigrid Liljeholm," a tale of love, rebellion, and a woman's relentless quest for freedom. Step...
ePub Category Historical women's fiction, Romance Frederika Charlotta Tengström Runeberg Published On 
€ 4.99
The Ivy, a book by, Fredrika Wilhelmina Carstens THE IVY 19th-century Finland
Strolls Through Italy Box SetImmerse yourself in the captivating world of 'THE IVY,' a remarkable historical women's fiction novel by...
ePub Category Historical fiction, Historical women's fiction, Romance Fredrika Wilhelmina Carstens Edition 1 Published On 
€ 4.99