5 Amazing women’s fiction bestsellers for 2023

Don’t Forget to Write

Captivate, bind, desire, act: Go on a journey with “Don’t forget to write”.


Join us on a captivating journey through the pages of “Don’t Forget to Write”, in the women’s fiction bestselling genre, a remarkable novel by the bestselling author of “She’s Up to No Good”. Set in the vibrant 1960s, this exciting, funny and emotionally charged story promises to take readers on a riveting ride of self-discovery, love and the quest for freedom.

Captivate: The scandal unravelled

The story opens with a scandal that sets the scene for the riveting story that follows. When Marilyn Kleinman finds herself in a compromising situation with the rabbi’s son in front of the entire congregation, her parents take decisive action. They send her away for the summer to her great-aunt Ada, Philadelphia’s strict matchmaker. This incident threatens to jeopardise Marilyn’s future study plans, limiting her options.

Engage: revealing the unexpected

Women's Fiction bestsellers

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As the story unfolds, we are introduced to the enigmatic Ada, who contradicts her mother’s description as a “humourless seventy-something”. Ada’s charisma is obvious, with her platinum blonde hair, Hermès scarf and Cadillac convertible. She demands attention with her sharp humour, no-nonsense attitude and a great dedication to her profession as a matchmaker. But beneath her sophisticated exterior lurks a complexity that will surprise both Marilyn and readers.

Desire: a summer of self-discovery

The central theme of desire emerges when Marilyn discovers the true essence of freedom during her time with Ada. The two embark on a transformative journey to the picturesque Jersey shore, where the story delves into their changing relationship and the life lessons they teach each other. Marilyn’s growing admiration for Ada’s fearlessness and refusal to conform inspires her to question her own path and aspirations.


Action: Decisions and self-determination

As the summer days pass, Marilyn faces crucial decisions that will shape her future. With her father’s impending disinheritance and the approaching school year, she is at a crossroads. Will she return to the familiar comforts of her current life, or will she gather the courage to embrace the unknown and chart her own course, just as Ada has shown her?

Praising words from editors

“Don’t forget to write” has been widely praised and it is not hard to see why. Renowned author Jean Meltzer praises it as the epitome of a powerful love story about women courageously writing their own stories. Maddie Dawson, acclaimed for her thought-provoking novels, praises the book’s ability to combine humour, intrigue and beloved characters, all coming together to create a surprising twist that leaves readers bewildered.

A summer flight: Reliving the 1960s

Through Confino’s vivid prose, “Don’t Forget to Write” transcends mere fiction and invites readers to relive the nostalgic 1960s. The cultural background of the era serves as a compelling painter’s canvas for the characters’ journeys, capturing the spirit of a changing time in history.

Conclusion: Your unforgettable literary odyssey

Finally, “Don’t Forget to Write” offers an unforgettable literary experience through the framework of Attention-Awareness-Desire-Action. Join Marilyn and Ada as they navigate the complexities of self-discovery, empowerment and the pursuit of freedom. This heartwarming and thought-provoking novel is bound to leave a lasting impression on readers long after the last page has been turned. Don’t miss the chance to join this captivating journey full of love, laughter and life’s most profound lessons.

This novel, like the one below, is an enjoyable read for Dutch speakers with some knowledge of the English language.

In the Likely Event / women’s fiction bestsellers

Attention: Discover an Unforgettable Love Novel – “In the Likely Event”

Are you ready to be swept away in a riveting love novel in which fate plays a crucial role? Meet “In the Likely Case,” the latest masterpiece from acclaimed author Rebecca Yarros. In the women’s fiction bestselling genre, This enchanting novel takes you on an emotional journey full of chance encounters and unexpected twists that will make your heart beat faster.

Interest: An Enchanting Encounter that Defies Fate

In the likely event, women's fiction bestsellers

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When Izzy Astor boards a plane for her trip home, she does not expect much from the usual busy and stressful holiday trip. But the unexpected happens when she meets her fellow passenger, Nate Phelan, a man who is anything but ordinary. With his dark hair, blue eyes and attractive rugged charm, Nate is someone Izzy cannot resist. An undeniable bond develops between them and Izzy begins to believe in destiny.

Unfortunately, life takes a tragic turn, as just ninety seconds after take-off, their plane crashes into the Missouri River. This moment marks the beginning of an unforgettable journey in which their lives change dramatically. Nate pursues a career in military life, while Izzy finds her way into politics. Although they occasionally bump into each other by chance, the right moment to be together never seems to arrive.

Desire: A Moving Reunion in Afghanistan

After years of separate paths, their paths cross again in Afghanistan, a place full of danger and tension. This time Nate is given the task of protecting Izzy’s life, and he is determined to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. As they face the challenges of life together in a war zone, their bond grows stronger than ever before. Sparks of love flare up and they can no longer ignore their feelings.

Action: Be Enchanted by “In the Likely Event

Rebecca Yarros, with her masterful pen, immersively explores the profound effects of war and the power of love that can withstand all trials. The authentic characters feel as strong as they are vulnerable, allowing you to identify with them and experience their journey more intensely. The story won’t let you go and provides an emotional rollercoaster that warms your heart and enriches your mind.

With rave reviews, including Publishers Weekly talking about an irresistible bond between the main characters and Ali Rosen describing the book as a riveting adventure, “In the Probable Event” is a must-read for lovers of romance, destiny and unforgettable encounters.

If you long for a book that touches your soul and warms your heart, take this chance to be enchanted by Izzy and Nate’s extraordinary story. Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster ride full of passion, adventure and true love. Indulge in the magic of “In the Likely Event” and discover the power of fate in love.

The Starfish Sisters / women’s fiction bestsellers

Grab the Attention: The Enchantment of The Starfish Sisters

A Touching Journey of Friendship

Imagine a quaint coastal town in Oregon, where the sea gently laps against rugged cliffs. Here, a heartwarming story unfolds about two women, Phoebe and Suze, who were once closer than sisters. “De Starfish Sisters” takes you on a moving journey of friendship, betrayal and ultimately healing.

Discover The Starfish Sisters

The_Starfish_Sisters, Women's fiction bestsellers

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In this compelling novel by talented author Barbara O’Neal, we follow Phoebe and Suze from their childhood to the present day. Their close bond is beautifully brought to life, and we are enchanted by the idyllic coastal landscape that serves as the backdrop for their profound friendship. A great work in the women’s fiction bestselling genre

The Secret of an Unbreakable Bond

Secrets, sometimes buried deep, can rock the strongest relationships. Phoebe and Suze each have their own secrets from a crucial summer in their teenage years, and the burden of these unspoken truths drives them apart. The story slowly reveals the emotional complexity of their situation, and we feel their desire to mend their bond.

A Chilling Journey of Betrayal and Healing

The author weaves a masterful web of betrayal, heartbreak and the search for healing. We are drawn into Phoebe and Suze’s emotions as they face their past and have to make a choice between healing old wounds and pure survival. The novel keeps us on the edge of our seats, longing for the denouement of their moving journey.

Female Friendship at Its Finest

The enchantment of “The Starfish Sisters” lies in the rich portrait of female friendship. It shows the powerful bond between Phoebe and Suze, which proves to be stronger than all the challenges life has thrown in their path. This captivating story reminds us how precious and valuable friendship can be.

The Power of Place and Symbolism

The setting of a pristine coastal Oregon town provides the perfect backdrop for the story. It is a place where natural beauty runs parallel to the complexity of human relationships. The cliffs guarding the coastline symbolise Phoebe and Suze’s resilience, as well as the durability of their friendship, despite the challenges they have endured.

An Unforgettable Summer Lecture

Barbara O’Neal’s “The Starfish Sisters” is not only a touching story, but also a perfect companion for a relaxing summer afternoon. The author weaves a compelling and engaging narrative that touches our hearts and minds. This book offers an unforgettable reading experience, steeped in emotion, friendship and female power. It invites us to reflect on our own relationships and the precious bonds we cherish.

Grab This Opportunity Now!

So, if you are looking for a novel that will keep you gripped from start to finish, “The Starfish Sisters” is the perfect choice for you. Embark on this moving journey of friendship and self-discovery, and be enchanted by Phoebe and Suze’s beautiful story. Grab this opportunity now to immerse yourself in an immersive world full of emotion and beauty.

Maybe Someday / women’s fiction bestsellers

Grab the Attention: An Enchanting Story of Love and Deception

Discover the magical world of “Maybe Ever”, A great work in the women’s fiction bestselling genre, bestselling author Colleen Hoover’s riveting book, in which we are drawn into an emotional adventure full of love, friendship and deception. and introduce you to the enchanting elements of this story that make it an unforgettable reading experience.

Attention: Friendship and Betrayal

Enter the captivating world of Sydney, a young woman about to turn her life upside down. In the first part of “Maybe Ever”, Sydney discovers that her boyfriend, Hunter, is cheating on her. This unexpected twist ensures that readers are immediately drawn into the story and feel involved in Sydney’s emotions of disappointment and pain.

Interest: An Enchanted Romance

When Sydney’s life falls apart, she meets her attractive neighbour, Ridge, a gifted musician with a passion for his guitar. The build-up of the romance between Sydney and Ridge is intriguing and piques readers’ interest. The sparks between the two characters are palpable and create a compelling dynamic that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Desire: The Magic of Music

Misschien ooit, Vrouwenfictie en -literatuur, bestsellers

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One of the most enchanting aspects of “Maybe Ever” is its emphasis on music as a unifying element. Ridge and Sydney find a unique bond through their shared love of music, which adds depth to their romance. Readers will start longing for more of these enchanting moments as Hoover plays on their emotions and takes them on an unforgettable journey full of passion and tenderness.

“Maybe Someday” has captured the hearts of readers around the world and received rave reviews from critics and readers alike. Hoover’s ability to bring emotions to life and create memorable characters has taken this book to the top of the bestseller lists. If readers are looking for a moving story that will stay with them for a long time, “Maybe Someday” is highly recommended.

Be enchanted

In this revised version of the article, we have explored the rich world of “Maybe Ever”, where love, deception and friendship come together in an unforgettable story. Sydney and Ridge’s story is presented in a structured and engaging format. For those looking for a book that will steal their hearts and captivate their minds, “Maybe Someday” is a must-read. Immerse yourself in Colleen Hoover’s enchanting world and be swept away on a journey full of emotion, passion and intrigue.

Lessons in Chemistry / women’s fiction bestsellers

Attention: Discover The Compelling Story of Elizabeth Zott

Intriguing Introduction

Welcome to the fascinating story of Elizabeth Zott, an exceptional research chemist from 1960s California. In this captivating account, we take you on a journey full of excitement and adventure, with Elizabeth’s unconventional nature and irrepressible determination at the centre of it all. Een geweldig werk in het bestsellergenre van vrouwenfictie

A Chemistry That Changes Everything

Elizabeth Zott is anything but average and resolutely rejects the conventional norms of her time. She is part of a team at the Hastings Research Institute, which is predominantly male and where equality is far from a reality. Yet a unique bond develops between her and Calvin Evans, a brilliant and lonely scientist, that transcends the boundaries of science. Their unexpected bond triggers a true chemistry similar to revolutionary scientific discoveries.

From Science To Cooking

Lessons in chemistry, bestselling women's literature and fiction

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Life remains unpredictable, even for brilliant minds like Elizabeth Zott. A few years later, she finds herself not only as a single mother, but also as the unlikely star of a beloved TV cooking show called “Supper at Six.” With her unorthodox cooking methods, she is turning the culinary world upside down and creating a true revolution in the kitchen. Her growing following admires not only her culinary skills, but also her boldness in challenging the status quo.

An Inspiring Path to Change

Lessons in Chemistry, the compelling book written by Bonnie Garmus, offers a unique blend of humour, intelligence and perseverance. Elizabeth Zott’s adventurous journey inspires and shows that it is possible to be yourself even when society’s expectations dictate otherwise. Her powerful message of equality and change continues to resonate, even in the context of 1960s conservative America.

An Ode to Determination

Lessons in Chemistry is more than just a novel; it is a tribute to the power of determination and courage. Elizabeth Zott’s unconventional path and her inspiring transformation from scientist to chef show that individuals can change the world, even if they have to swim against the tide. This story will stay with you and make you think about the possibilities of self-development and breaking the prevailing norms. Let Elizabeth Zott’s story enchant you and inspire you to choose your own path, no matter the obstacles you face along the way.

Our recommendations for women’s fiction bestsellers

Voor lezers die de voorkeur geven aan een ouder kostuumdrama, hebben we bij Fides een enorme fascinatie voor oudere werken uit de jaren 60 en 70 tot aan de middeleeuwen.

Some of our favourite women’s fiction novels that were bestsellers at the time are amazing feats of literary genius, but were originally written in a European language. We have a passion for discovering these never-before-translated works to and to translate them into Dutch and English, but most to English because they are so easy to read in a Victorian or modern English style.

You can peruse our ever-expanding range of titles by browsing our books section. Here are a few examples that we really enjoyed ourselves. We also aim to add a well-documented page about the author, with artist impressions of the author bringing these old works back to life.

You will also notice that all our book covers tell a story, which are also created by ourselves to breathe new life into these amazing insights into life from a bygone era.



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